Highwood Highland Dancers

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Jackie Roe - Member, SDTA

Jackie began dancing in Calgary with Lynda Henley over 40 years ago and successfully competed across North America.  She began teaching at the age of 16, and founded the Highwood Highland Dancers in 1993. 

Jackie and her husband of 23 years, Dave, have two wonderful children who have been able to grow up with dozens and dozens of dancers as their extended family. Jackie has had the great pleasure of teaching hundreds of students and watching them grow into adulthood; it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of their lives.


 Jessica Robinson - Associate, SDTA

Jessica began dancing with Jackie in High River in her early teens.  She loved it immediately, and began successfully competing around Canada shortly after.  Jessica is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge, a certified personal trainer, and a loving mother to two beautiful children.


Elysia McDowell - Associate, SDTA

Elysia began dancing with the Highwood Highland Dancers as a very young child, and completed her Associates examination in the fall of 2016.  She has competed across Alberta and travelled to Scotland in the summer of 2016 to hit the boards in the "Auld Country". Elysia currently attends the University of Lethbridge, and will hopefully make the occassional appearance as a guest teacher!

Erin Mitchell - Associate, SDTA

Erin began dancing with the Highwood Highland Dancers as a child and has competed across Canada and in Scotland.  Erin joined her classmates in achieving her goal of completing her teacher training in the fall of 2016, all while working full time and parenting a lovely daughter who is now an accomplished young dancer with the Highwood Highland Dancers.


Kira Schmidt - Associate, SDTA

Kira began dancing in Calgary and joined the Highwood Highland Dancers as an adult.  She was welcomed to our dancing family with open arms, and soon became a valued member of our school.  She received her Associates certification in the fall of 2016, juggling work and a new baby while completing her studies.