We enjoy a lovely program of activities throughout the year that keep our dancers motivated and give them a chance to develop a level of comfort with performing for an audience. This includes events such as:

January - Robbie Burns Night Fundraiser (every other year) - Haggis Dinner, dance performances, scotch tasting, live bagpipe music, and a live band and dance afterward

February/March - Exams with official adjudicators from Scotland. This gives dancers the opportunity to track their dancing progress through medal tests, measuring a dancer’s progress against a “standard” level rather than against other competitors. The higher the testing level, the more difficult the standard.
2023 EXAM DATE: MARCH 3, during the daytime

June - Year-end Recital for family and friends
2023 RECITAL DATE: JUNE 21, in the evening

Summer - Travel to Scotland for competitions and touring (every other summer)

December - Dance-Outs - Usually two or three casual performances at local retirement homes or hospitals
2022 DANCE-OUTS: DECEMBER 14, 7pm at Seasons - and - DECEMBER 19, 7pm at Medicine Tree Manor