All dancers, both recreational and competitive, will be given the opportunity to gain experience on stage, through performances in front of small audiences throughout the year. Dancers will also be encouraged to participate in exams, to gain advice from qualified adjudicators. Regardless of level, classes are fun, energetic, and always endeavor to reach new heights with our students!  

Scottish Stars, our littlest dancers will learn the basics of Highland Dance, including arm and feet positions, basic movements, traditional dances, and original choreography. Classes are designed for fun, creativity, and positivity.
Ages 3 to 4 - 30 minute class - $40/month

dancers will develop their understanding of Highland dance movements and increase their knowledge of traditional dances.
Ages 4 to 6 - 45-minute class - $50/month

Beginner dancers can expect to learn a variety of full traditional dances, while continuing to work on technique of basic movements. These classes have an increased focus on strength and stamina and include original choreography, as well. These classes will be assigned according to dancers' age and ability levels.
1-hour class - $60/month

Competitive with Technique
2 hours/week - $90/month
2.5 hours/week - $100/month

2.75 hours/week - $130/month
3.25 hours/week - $140/month

Casual Adult - This class is a fun opportunity for beginners and experienced adults, alike, to enjoy a  time of movement, laughter, and self-challenge. Our adult dancers focus on learning the steps and technique of many dances, without getting mired in the details of perfection. Adult dancers are encouraged to participate in performances, exams, or even competitions, at their own level of comfort.
1 hour/week - $60/month

** 10% FAMILY DISCOUNT for two or more immediate family members (applies to regular classes only)