Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Message from Miss Jess...

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all doing well and were able to enjoy your summer. Classes are set to start on September 14th, and I am looking forward to teaching again!

I will be sending a covid outline prior to the start of classes to go over the changes that need to occur this year. The general idea is...
• small class sizes
• cleaning in between classes
• only dancers and teacher in the studio space
• everyone needs to come prepared for class (hair and dance clothes ready to go, no changing in the studio, aside from removing winter clothing in cold weather)
• no food in the studio, only personal water bottles labelled with the dancer's name
• do not enter the dance studio if you, a family member, or a close contact have ANY symptoms (no matter how trivial they seem) for 14 days
• if I or someone in my household is sick, classes will switch to zoom classes for that period of time
• no masks will be required for dancers, but I will wear one while I teach, and it will only be removed if I am demonstrating full dances or exercises.